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With 2 Bachelors, 6 Certs, and 10 years experience Robert Murtha will lead your project to success. Starting his career doing IT at Boeing he then left to become CIO of a drone company. He was the first person to integrate Lidar on drones which was used to inspect oil fields for leaks and problems. He then left to start Murtha & Burke Marketing with his eyes on the world.

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Matthew has been in sales for over 8 years. His experience is valuable in our methods of lead generation. Matthew brings new approaches to the table to ensure both we and our clients are getting conversions.

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David Payton

Chief Operating Officer

Business to Business and Partnership Development


Having over 20 years of experience with operating businesses and multiple startups under his belt, He has become one of the driving factors in the success of MB marketing to date. With over 3 years of experience in the digital marketing and digital currency industries He has built a vast network of potential B2B opportunities for both Murtha and Burke and clients alike. 

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Jon Davies

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VP of Sales

Department Head - Sales Division


Jon Davies serves as vice president of sales for MB and joined the firm in 2019. Jon’s main focus is growing the company’s enterprise through creating and executing sales strategies. Being in the cryptocurrency space for over 3 years, he has undertaken many community and ambassadorial roles with various companies and believes that constructive communication develops positive relationships with our clients.

Hein Esterhuizen

Director of Human Resources

Department Head - Human Resources and Internal Budgeting


HR Director at Murtha Burke and Company leadership roles in every aspect of the company.  'Never look back in regret to anything, move on the next thing' I have lived by this quote for the biggest part of my existence. Ventured into Crypto in 2016, got intrigued by every aspect of Crypto and enjoy being part of it's evolution. Met great friends and business leaders along the way.

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Salisu Kayode

Data Manager

Department Head - Data Entry and Manipulation Division


A B.Eng in Information & Communication Engineering is the second most valuable thing I have achieved so far in my academic pursuit. First being a theoretical knowledge in capacity building and leadership. Murtha Burke Marketing gave me a platform for an actualization of these values. With an ever diversified series of administrative roles, I am glad to have the opportunity to move far out of my comfort zone and brainstorm with some of the most creative & wonderful minds. This, giving rise to my personal biblical guiding mantra “a diligent man stands before Kings, not mere men”.

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Chief Technology Officer

Department Head - IT Division


A highly resourceful and skilled professional who is proficient in driving efficiencies, devising safety, security, and loss prevention procedures, and enhancing existing company assets. He advises and oversees both SEO department & IT department

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José Lago

Director of Client Promotions

Department Head - Marketing & Promotion Department


Lago is our Head Promotion and Social Media Marketing Manager. He is a big believer in blockchain and crypto. In Murtha & Burke's Promotion Department, he is in charge of supervising all paid and organic promotion tools while generating marketing strategies for social media.

Mohammad Furqan

Director of Organic Engagement & Traffic

Department Head - SEO Department

Furqan is an experienced specialist when it comes to setting up SEO best practices and creating organic engagement. He is tasked with the improvement of domain visibility and raising the organic search rankings. He is also responsible for the creation, implementation, and analysis of SEO programs and campaigns.

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Hicham Sbaa

VP of Marketing

Department Head - Content Creation and Distribution Division


Hicham has a BA in English and 10 years of content creation under his belt. He is Head of Content and is responsible for the development and optimization of the content department to achieve our business goals. He oversees all works created by the department and leads a team of passionate content creators.

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