South African Business Platform Introduces Community Business Token

The most affordable business service in South Africa, DigitalFlyer® has introduced the Community Business Token (CBT) as its cryptocurrency.

PRETORIA, SOUTH AFRICA, November 6, 2020 / -- The token was introduced to expand its comprehensive digital platform. Presently, users of DigitalFlyer® can expand their existing businesses by minimizing expenses and maximising profits as CBT holders. With the introduction of CBT, DigitalFlyer® is bridging the gap between small to medium enterprises and the entire crypto community and its CBT's initial coin offering (ICO) is the start of a community-based cryptocurrency.

CBT provides a transparent and stable trading platform to the benefit of both the service or product provider and the customer. The token also allows business platforms to complete online transactions at a minimal fee by cutting out third party expenses and by charging no extra monthly subscription fees. CBT powers every business service platform it is introduced in