Simple Software Solutions Upgrades to the New 2.0 Update Amidst Stake Wars

Simple Software Solutions latest upgrade features a powerful 2.0 update with chain scaling

NEW YORK, USA, September 5, 2020 / -- SSS as a technology company offering cloud solutions has upgraded their blockchain system to the latest technologies. This new development is aimed at promoting efficiencies in scaling and improving rewards to users of the cloud solutions and owners of SSS, the associated crypto coin.

As a technology company, SSS was founded to provide new, secure, private, and reliable cloud storage services. It is in this realization inclusive of its vision and mission that SSS is pushed by advancement in technology to use decentralized technology, the latest trend. SSS has integrated blockchain to give cloud computing users security and privacy; for their data is crucial.

SSS has implemented its blockchain system based on the Proof-of-Stake(POS) method. The result is a masternode coin mirroring the second-tier decentralized network of masternodes which secure the network. And add more services: instant transactions and community voting governance promoting legitimacy.

The masternode setup of SSS is arranged in a way to allow various entry levels for coin owners to participate in a digital way, to community voting governance; the main idea of POS which maintains trustworthiness and decentralization. With the POS method, the blockchain functions by involving users to authenticate and validate transactions which then creates legitimate blocks in the blockchain. Moreover, POS uses coins owned by users as insurance to deter illegitimate events on the blockchain - essentially a process now popularly known as staking. Consequently in the staking process, the insurance yields more coins as new blocks are created.

While there are adept reward distribution and chain scaling, and cold staking there is the debate around high yields from staking. And SSS earns high returns for early adopters in whichever state: cold or normal staking. Where cold staking is coins not being linked to the internet for more security while normal is the tokens are linked to the internet via an online wallet. Adding to the general interest of cryptocurrencies and the promise of staking there is the risk of inflation. And the solution to inflation is burning coins.

SSS is set up to maintain inflation through 100,000 tokens dedicated for coin burn. The idea is the coins are already set aside from circulation while the remaining 13,900,000 are shared by the community, team, marketing and promotion, and coin swap.

From such an update, SSS the company believes users with both owners of storage and coins will benefit in value of service in security, privacy data, and the worth of tokens.

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About SSS: Simple Software Solutions is a cloud computing and private storage technology company that has integrated blockchain into its operation while tapping the advantages of decentralization. And with the integration of blockchain, Simple Software Solutions has SSS, its associated crypto coin.

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