Simple Software Solution Debuts its Nimbus sDrive Testnet

Simple Software Solution launches its sDrive Nimbus testnet

NEW YORK, USA, October 13, 2020 / -- Simple Software Solution announces its latest phase 0 launch of Nimbus the testnet of sDrive adding its capacity of storage as it strives to provide cloud computing and storage using the blockchain-as-a-service model. The upgrade to the sDrive is the Nimbus testnet.

sDrive is a decentralized software service that is developed on a Hyperledger Fabric blockchain. The setup allows SSS node runners to leverage the cloud network storage establishing an SSS Storage Node for improvement.

Nimbus is the SSS Storage test network for sDrive which will assist in testing the network.

The Nimbus testnet will provide an open community participation network. To offer utility for the network a participant must run an SSS Node on specific hardware with at least 25GB free disk space and 1 GBit upload and download speeds with 2500 SSS coins being locked in as collateral. Nimbus offers an alternative blockchain with a token that is distinct from the actual tokens allowing developers to build applications without affecting the main blockchain.

We are currently in Phase 0 and at this stage it will be a test of deploying SSS storage nodes and testing functionality of sDrive and its registration process for services like uploading, downloading and sharing of data.

We continue to build and enhance sDrive as a blockchain cloud storage service and with Nimbus, sDrive will be tested of its functionality to ensure it works up to the correct standard.

To participate in this visit our Discord channel for further info on requirements and updates.

About Simple Software Solution: SSSolutions is a software company with a renowned team of developers that focuses on designing and building enterprise-ready products that are secure and simple. The products enable the transfer of value across an accessible and standardized ecosystem that is secure, flexible, and scalable. They provide blockchain-related solutions and services that have real value, are easily understood, and are easily utilized by ordinary consumers and investors.

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