RECKOON Introduces a Mobile-First Global E-Commerce Platform.

Reckoon is offering to unite physical and online stores in a single one-stop shopping platform boosted by Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence technology.

LONDON, ENGLAND, September 5, 2020 / -- We at Reckoon have created a platform to connect brick and mortar stores to an e-commerce platform that is founded on blockchain and artificial intelligence technologies.

When users are about to shop online with a new retailer, the chances that they will consider the use of the specific retailer app is very slim. Shoppers will opt for purchase via the website rather than downloading an extra app. Other shoppers tend to delete them right after they complete their purchase. They just want to buy what they need and move on. Therefore, with Reckoon, retailers provide a convenient platform for shoppers without having to worry about getting various shopping apps. Retailers will also get to use a central app that delivers shoppers insights with extensible customizations.

Reckoon is a solution that comes in a single app that connects all retailers and brands in the same place. This way, there will be no need to download multiple apps.

We started Reckoon in 2014 and are based in London, Great Britain. We have been providing a Global WishBasket Shopping Protocol (GloWS) which is a standardised and universal way to fulfill shoppers' Dynamic Wish Lists. This app is definitely reinventing and celebrating the spirit of shopping, offering a global shopping ecosystem as a platform both for retailers/brands and shoppers alike.

At Reckoon, our vision is the integration of online and in-store shopping rather than competing against each other. Our aim is to help brands sell their products to audiences around the globe. We achieve this by implementing a Progressive Personalization approach with the use of GloWS protocol through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Language. Consequently, Reckoon connects shoppers with brands and retailers and at the same time making shopping rewarding for all.

Additionally, Reckoon has a wish basket (on iOS and Android); a personalization tool where shoppers add items/products to their list to buy later and get recommendations based on what they like. An added value is that shoppers can become brand ambassadors if they truly love a brand.

Reckon is driven by an understanding of shoppers’ needs, creating the best experience for shoppers, and providing a great outcome for retailers. Currently, Reckoon has helped malls across Europe and Asia bring consumers closer to brands.

In order to facilitate effective functioning and a greater level of transparency, Reckoon has adopted blockchain. As a result, we commenced token sale in 2 stages; IEO stage 1 was from March 10th to March 24th, 2020 and the IEO stage 2 commenced March 25th to April 08, 2020.

Launched on the Ethereum platform of ERC-20, the token for Reckoon is ROOK with a total token supply of 500,000,000 of which 24,000,000 were available for sale at IEO stage.

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About Reckoon: Reckoon is an online platform that connects shoppers to retailers in an aim to have one app for shopping based on blockchain and artificial intelligence. It provides a standardised and universal way to fulfill the shoppers wish basket (GloWS) using smart contracts to execute a better outcome for retailers and shoppers. Rook, a crypto coin, has been developed to support its operations.






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