Participate in 2local Exclusive Airdrop on LaToken

2local is now offering a new airdrop arrangement that promises high profits

NEW YORK, USA, October 20, 2020 / -- 2local is the first to build a new ultra-fast Blockchain which has integrated cashback functionality as well. Also, they are the first platform to create and share value with the people who use 2local coins for payments.

The platform has a predetermined coin flow and a smart trading algorithm which maintains a steady rising exchange rate. The 2local blockchain is fully ERC-721 compatible for other projects to build their token on.

By giving the profit of the rising exchange rate back to the people in the cashback system, 2local provides prosperity around the globe without any fraudulent vulnerability.

Everyone can participate by just using the 2local L2L coin without having to make savings out of it or freeze the coins by staking what is becoming more popular nowadays.

The transfer fee of every transaction is used in the cashback system and as a discount for buying L2L coins at 2local.

The L2L Airdrop At LaToken

2local, in collaboration with LaToken has arranged an airdrop event to introduce it's much anticipated native coin, L2L.

* 2local Exclusive Airdrop Competition at LATOKEN includes a total prize pool of $85000 or 50M L2L tokens.

* According to schedule, the airdrop event starts on Monday 12 Oct 2020 and runs till Sunday 8 Nov 2020.

* Prize pool of $45k will be equally split between every participant who completed 3 mandatory tasks altogether: