Murtha and Burke Marketing Partners with Decentralized Anarchy Martkist

Murtha and Burke Marketing has added decentralized anarchy, Martkist to its growing list of partners.

NEW YORK, USA, October 12, 2020 / -- The partnership was announced in a tweet by Murtha and Burke Marketing on the 30th of September which was later retweeted by Martkist's official twitter page.

Martkist is a community-driven project and "decentralized anarchy" whose vision is to bring freedom to the online marketplace, provide excellent community organization, and intelligent allocation of resources.

The decentralized anarchy was first announced on bitcoin-talk earlier this year on the 20th of January precisely, exposing the crypto community to its project which gives users the opportunity to join its community without ico and presales but complete focus on a budget voting system. This system was made to fund development and execute community purposes.

Several means of communication were established to keep users updated with specifications such as algorithms, distribution, and block times. These means include twitter, discord, bitcoin talk, and most recently, Github and Telegram.

Martkist's main net was launched in February and since then, a lot of customers have enrolled in its mining distribution. When it comes to mining, the platform boasts of the cheapest algorithm to rent in most popular sites. Like ASIC miner used in most communities, its algorithm, sha256 doesn't consume high power and wastes a lot of energy but also offers its customers low cost to buy or rent on popular websites.

The platform also launched its native Martkist media wallet to ensure quick transactions. The application offers rigid monitoring against unethical practices, therefore users are safe making transactions with it. Users can also resell merchant products and receive commissions. For now, the application is only available on mobile but the platform is working on launching a Windows wallet, Linux wallet, and a Mac OS wallet as soon as possible.

Presently, its coin MARTK is listed on several exchanges including Whitebit and Hotbit, and is making plans to launch its wrapped token (wMARKT). Martkist took to twitter to announce Altwrap as its solution to wrapping and unwrapping MARTK to wMARTK with ease.

The wrapped version of a cryptocurrency means an ERC20 token equivalent of the real digital currency. The purpose of wrapping its MARKT token is to enable easy swapping on the Uniswap platform and fast liquidity to the Decentralized Finance market also known as DeFi. Another added benefit of wrapping its Martkist token is easy integration into Ethereum wallets, DApps, and smart contracts.

Presently, no official date for wMARKT launch is set yet but users can expect to enjoy every benefit of the collectable markets as they can also be a part of the rapidly growing DeFi industry.

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About Martkist: A decentralized marketplace that brings you the FREEDOM in online marketplaces, a platform with a high level of community organization and intelligent allocation of resources. Martkist brings you to the real world of decentralized anarchy, characterized by an efficient community organization via a masternode governance system.

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