Investors Prepare for New PayPDM Presale

PayPDM is preparing for new investors through the announcement of an August 5th presale. This new round of investing will allow for the purchase of PayPDM Coin.

NEW YORK, USA, August 6, 2020 / -- PayPDM has announced a new presale of PayPDM Coin from August 5th to August 19th. This presale comes after years of careful planning and development by the decentralized financial firm. Savvy crypto investors look to these events as a way to get in early on promising crypto businesses. The firm has made a name for itself through its innovative trading platform, FinTrade. Fintrade allows retail investors to invest their cryptocurrency in both crypto markets and traditional foreign currency markets. The natural integration of these two markets seemed inevitable, and PayPDM has managed to catch this opportunity through their investment platform. This is the second and final presale before the coin is officially listed on exchanges, so it is the last opportunity for new investors to get an early stake in PayPDM. Similar to traditional value investing, an analysis of PayPDM reveals value through its novel trading service. The connection of cryptocurrency markets with traditional finance has proven to be a successful move for many new fintech companies. In this case, PayPDM is offering customers a way to use their cryptocurrency in the largest and most liquid market in human history, the foreign currency exchange market. The online retail forex market has provided trading software, market data, and brokerage services to great success, but their services are narrowly focused on forex trading as the sole product. Platforms like FinTrade provide trading software, market data, and brokerage services in a single application, and they allow for access to markets outside of foreign currency. This bundling of software features into new products has proven to be a key to success in the software industry, and fintech is no exception. Bundling traditional financial markets into the all-in-one nature of crypto exchanges is a move that opens the crypto industry to the massive market of retail currency traders. Investors can expect promising returns from these innovations. About PayPDM: PayPDM is a financial firm that specializes in the world of decentralized cryptocurrency finance. The company provides services that are aimed at solving problems in revenue and assets found in the blockchain platform. PayPDM offers services in investing, lending, gaming, real estate, and alternatives to traditional fiat currency banking. Murtha & Burke Marketing LLC +1 800-650-5467 email us here Visit us on social media: Facebook Twitter LinkedIn

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