Global Gaming (GMNG) Trading Competition: A New Era of Trading

Probit and Global Gaming (GMNG) Partner and Announce a Trading Competition (Round 2)

SOUTH KOREA, October 30, 2020 / -- Probit and Global Gaming (GMNG) announce a trading competition. The competition will be based on the features of the two platforms. But it will heavily rely on Probit since it is an exchange specializing in trading crypto coins between different pairs. The competition will start on November 2nd at 15:00H KST and the amount to be won is 1,500,000 GMNG.

Probit stands tall in hosting trading competitions. It has a platform specifically for trading competitions. Currently lists 6 competitions of different tokens such as ZigZag (ZAG) and BonFi (BNF).

GMNG trading competition will be featured on the Probit exchange similar to the last one. To participate in the competition your account needs to stake at least 100 PROB and it can’t be decreased during the competition. More PROB staking lowers the trading fees based on the membership level as determined by the stake.

Accounts from both Probit Global and Korea will be ranked and the rank is based on the amount converted to USDT. But rewards will be credited on Probit Global wallets upon completion of the competition. The actual results will change due to periodic updates. Probit exchange can cancel, amend, and has the right to interpret the conditions for the event.

In the preceding GMNG trading competition which ran from 8th to 22nd of September of 2020, there was 300,000 GMNG and was won by 20 participants with the highest winning 18,600 GMNG and the lowest winning 10,725 GMNG.

The upcoming event has an increased reward for 20 winning participants as the highest will be awarded 93,000 GMNG and the lowest 53,625 GMNG. A new condition is introduced in the case of a tie, the winner will be the account with the higher PROB holding amount.

Probit and Global Gaming are inviting the public to join the contest and have a chance to win a share of the total reward. If you are new to probit, learn, then stake.

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About Global Gaming: Global Gaming is a blockchain-based peer-to-peer ranking platform for eSports tournament play that offers prize money, player perks, membership benefits, and cryptocurrency rewards to a global online community of gamers. Global Gaming’s programmed certainty of blockchain technology provides a trusted platform for these offerings to take place.




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