Curate: All In One Marketplace

World's first all-in-one marketplace with an application that utilizes blockchain technology as a payment infrastructure.

CHICAGO, USA, July 23, 2021 / -- Presently, there are over 4000 crypto assets available, and more are being released each day. The amount of created crypto assets is increasing daily because of the usefulness of the blockchain network, ranging from healthcare, supply chain management, industry, gaming, trading, and many more. So making the blockchain network available in an online marketplace isn't a bad idea whatsoever. This is where Curate comes in.

Generally speaking, the entire world has moved on from its natural way of doing things to more sophisticated ways, which are being integrated slowly into the online marketplace industry. Today, we will discuss how Curate has been able to develop an innovative idea to improve the online marketplace industry globally. But first, what is Curate?

What is Curate?

Curate is the world's first all-in-one marketplace with an application that utilizes blockchain technology as a payment infrastructure and rewards buyers and sellers after every transaction. The platform is built on its native marketplace, giving users (buyers and sellers) the opportunity to trade physical and digital goods like NFTs (Non-fungible tokens), games, electronics, fashion, etc. Furthermore, with Curate's utilization of a decentralized blockchain network, users get rewards in the form of $XCUR, its native token. This is given after every successful trade.

What’s more, the platform offers payments in cryptocurrency, which is optional aside from the traditional options like credit/debit cards and PayPal. Another significant benefit of using the Curate application is that it attracts no gas fees. However, this is true if users spend $XCUR on its application.

Why Curate?

Even as the blockchain industry is evolving, there appears to be no single way of shopping with cryptocurrencies. A mobile application that allows users to store cryptocurrencies and purchase physical and digital goods is very scarce or even non-existent. Presently, the process of making transactions is not tedious or very distant from the understanding of consumers.

Apart from the unavailable outlets of making purchases using cryptocurrencies, there are also high gas fees, seen in the Ethereum blockchain. So, individuals may come across hefty fees when trying to purchase goods using the Ethereum blockchain.

Now, it is straightforward to search for anything you want via the internet. The internet is an outlet that has made things very easy for many people. However, many who need unique content on the internet may not get what they want because of the internet’s number of contents. There may be less quality content because the designers on the internet get no reward for creating unique content. Curate was created to solve problems like this. In addition, when individuals go online, they get to see misleading feedback. A product may be so bad but get good reviews. With Curate, this and the problems mentioned above have been tackled. How?

The Curate marketplace application provides a solution for people in need of fashion/gaming/crypto assets inspiration and ideas. The platform provides a setting for the interests of both men and women. Also, the platform rewards contributors. This means that any individual that provides any item or content and posts it, will receive some digital tokens for their hard work. This is done so that they continue to buy and sell on the platform.

Therefore, whether a user spends in FIAT, $XCUR, or any other cryptocurrency, they will earn rewards in XCUR on every successful sale or purchase. This was done to bridge the gap between fiat and digital currencies. The Curate marketplace also boasts of an internal blockchain that allows users to make transactions without the need to spend on gas fees — Zero transaction fees. Finally, Curate boasts of a vast ecosystem consisting of physical and digital goods, including NFTs.

On the misleading feedbacks, the platform deletes fake reviews and feedback with the implementation of blockchain technology. First, the AI (Artificial Intelligence) monitors comments made by any user and filters out hate speech and derogatory words before it is posted. Secondly, each registered user on the Curate app will have a unique ID., which serves as a verification of their identity. This means that only verified accounts have genuine reviews.

Summary Of The XCUR Token

The XCUR token can be used for many purposes on the Curate app. They include:

To purchase items on the Curate app marketplace.

As buyers and sellers rewards.

Stake on DeFi platform and DeFi partner pools.

Spend on over 3M+ travel products on Travala.

Spend on global activities on Viator.

Spend on over 7M+ holidays and flights on Expedia.

Spend on partnership listings via shopping IO.

Exchange for FIAT and 1000+ cryptocurrencies through its partners.

Curate Gasless NFT Marketplace

On 28th June 2021, Curate took to Twitter to announce the launch of its gasless Non-fungible Token (NFT) marketplace application. The NFT marketplace allows users to buy NFTs, mint, and also sell them. The NFT marketplace has a lot of exciting features for users. Presently, Buying, selling, and minting NFTs have commenced, but many other features will be added in the future. For example, curate will add a “Physical Goods Marketplace,” which offers gasless transactions, rewards on all transactions, and gasless in-app swaps (XCUR to USDXC). In addition, the protocol will add a launchpad for exclusive NFTs. All this and much more information on its roadmap contributes to an effective Curate ecosystem.