Community Business Token (CBT): DigitalFlyer® Sets up a Digital Currency and Organises the first Cry

South Africa`s B2B and B2C marketing platform, DigitalFlyer sets up a digital currency and organizes the first crypto golf tournament to further promote CBT.

PRETORIA, SOUTH AFRICA, October 2, 2020 / -- At DigitalFlyer®, a South African business (B2B and B2C) marketing platform for small and medium businesses has started Community Business Token (CBT). A cryptocurrency to offer a transparent and stable crypto and FIAT business platform.

DigitalFlyer® operates in the digital marketing space and seeks to tap into over 3.5 billion users who have access to smart devices. DigitalFlyer® charges only R1,199 (+/-$70) per year, and the investment is multiplied through business connections. It connects the users with the service providers, easing up the administrative and marketing workload.

The CBT ICO is on a 12-month cycle. Currently, it is on ‘Sale 3’, in which the public is invited to increase capital as CBT gains traction. We continue to link the ever-growing and powerful platform to the cryptocurrency which will be due for listing in exchanges in the last phase of the ICO.

CBT is on schedule as per the roadmap, as the sales have been going as projected. Per the pricing, the sale offers 7.5% for investors at all levels in the ranges from ‘Bronze’ to ‘Elite’. Additionally, the launch of CBT community hubs is ongoing to offer support. Since CBT is based on DigitalFlyer®, paying with crypto has been integrated to offer an extra payment option. There is a debate around exposing businesses to crypto due to doubtful risks. With CBT, businesses and users are provided with the freedom to use either FIAT or crypto depending on their needs. Besides, after CBT has been listed on exchanges there will be a reward system in which users will be rewarded tokens for using CBT.

CBT and DigitalFlyer®’s platform will enable businesses to engage in business transactions at nominal fees without additional charges or extra subscription fees.

For being a loyal partner, we at DigitalFlyer®, are inviting you to a golf tournament we are organizing. The golf tournament consists of three games and will take place over the course of three nights between the 11th and 14th of November. This is the first of a series of golf tournaments to be held across South Africa, with the aim of growing it to a regular, international golf tournament.

As one of our goals is to build a better community, all the profits accrued during this event will be channeled into various community projects which include schools for children, community healthcare, and community support. In essence, we are raising funds to build a wholesome and better community. This is an event for you to have some fun, and an opportunity to help the community and serve humanity. We look forward to your participation.

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About CBT: CBT is DigitalFlyer®s’ blockchain-based and decentralized digital currency that seeks to connect businesses and customers on its platform and have a transparent, stable platform that aims to tap into the 3.5 billion people who have access to smart devices.

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