Business Meeting

Do we only work with startups and new companies or can you help older, more established businesses as well?

Murtha & Burke Marketing is a strong advocate of startups. Every business needs to start somewhere. Let us help! We work with many cryptocurrency ICO's and IEO's and accept tokens as payment for our services. We also work with mainstream businesses for USD with the same top-ranked services. To request a free consultation, book a time with us or see our individual services on organic-exchange.com

What other services does Murtha & Burke marketing, LLC provide?

We offer comprehensive marketing packages for any marketing needs. You name it and we can do it. We are heavy in IT and can custom code any automation you need. We also do cryptocurrency market making for exchanges. If it has to do with organic marketing, we can fulfill any order! You can see a full list of our services on our website organic-exchange.com. We have an excellent track record of top-quality results!

Can we see results before paying?

At MB, we are paid at the beginning of a project and the beginning of each new month. We are always transparent and honest about what we’re going to deliver in the time we’ve quoted for. Sometimes we get asked about payment at the end of the month, this is not possible at this point in time.

Who will be working with us?

You’ll have a dedicated Account Manager who will be your main, day-to-day point of contact. You may also have contact with one of the many marketing experts who will work with you and your team on your overall digital marketing strategy. We have a growing staff of nearly 50 marketing experts working for Murtha & Burke Marketing. We will call upon the vast expertise we have to deliver the best results possible for you.

What is the onboarding process for clients?

Step 1: We arrange a call to scope out your requirements and understand if we can help. This can also be a Telegram discussion.
Step 2: We deliver a proposal, examples of past work, a project plan, and deliverables, including costs.
Step 3: You decide if you want to go ahead. We would want to agree on this within 7 days of the initial call.
Step 4: We draw up the contracts / invoices which are agreed on by both parties.
Step 5: Teams will be invited to a Telegram group to kick off proceedings.

How often are results reported?

We provide bespoke weekly performance reports that include all the metrics that are important to you. Our team will be available around the clock to explain all the data and performance metrics and the work we’ve been doing. We may request extra information to ensure we track the wider impact of the project such as social logins. There is nothing to worry about whilst giving over user credentials. By combining yours and our data, we’re able to demonstrate the real impact our work’s having

Wow! That's expensive?

By quoting for anything less than this, we know we’re set to fall short on performance. Our costs have been carefully calculated by experienced staff and we intend to fulfill each area with our extensive team of marketing experts.

We need investment? Help!

Having a combined team strategy means we have clear steps to meet your objectives, whether they're short-term, mid-term, or long-term. There is no quick fix for finding investors. Instead, we combine your project goals with our marketing strategies. This combination will actively market your brand to your target audience and achieve your goal KPI's.